We believe a beautiful smile can brighten your life. Strong teeth and healthy gums are essential for overall health and well-being. Whether you are a first-time patient or regular visitor, you will find compassionate, professional care that will exceed your expectations.

At Paul Bacino Dentistry, our patients are partners in their care. We listen to their desires and work with each individual to create and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Our focus is not only on treating disease, but also on educating our patients so that they can better manage their own oral health.

Our dentists are trained in the latest advances in dental treatment, and are empowered to focus on the best care for you and your family.

With care and services for patients of all ages, Paul Bacino Dentistry can help ensure a lifetime of dental health.

Preventive Care

Did you know that many diseases and conditions first show signs in the mouth? Good dental health is an important factor in overall health, that’s why the American Dental Association recommends you see your dentist every six months. Building a relationship with a dental practice can help you maintain and improve your smile, and prevent problems before they become serious.

Our preventive services include Comprehensive Exams, Sealants, Fluoride Treatments, Space Maintainers, Mouthguards, Migraine Headache Relief, and Oral Cancer Screenings.

Children’s Dentistry

Establishing a relationship with a dentist for your child within 6 months of the first tooth eruption, or by his/her first birthday is an important step to ensure a lifetime of healthy smiles. Early childhood screenings include:

• Evaluation of eruption and growth patterns to see how the teeth are growing into the mouth
• Education for parents on proper care for the child’s teeth and gums
• Dietary counseling, including discussion on proper foods and beverages
• Individualized preventive dental health program based on risk for decay and gum disease
• Education on what to do in a dental emergency

Periodontal (Gum Disease) Treatment

Paul Bacino Dentistry offices focus on diagnosis and prevention of gum disease at its earliest point. You will be screened for signs and symptoms of gum disease during visits to our offices. Once diagnosed, treatment for gum disease can include non-surgical treatment in-office for earlier stages, and/or referral to a specialist when necessary.

Signs of gum disease can include:

• Bleeding gums
• Puffy, red, and sore gum tissues
• Bad breath
• Receding gums
• Loose teeth possibly related to loss of bone around the teeth

If you have signs of periodontal disease, Paul Bacino Dentistry offices’ salivary diagnostic testing gives your dentist detailed information about the bacteria present in your mouth, which will help to determine which medications and treatments are right for you. This test is takes a few minutes and can be performed in the dental office.

Restorative Care

Paul Bacino Dentistry offers the latest in restorative treatments and technologies to help restore your smile. Our restorative solutions include fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, root canal treatment and dentures.

FILLINGS - To treat a cavity, your dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then “fill” the area on the tooth where the decay was. Fillings are also used to repair cracked or broken teeth and teeth that have been worn down from misuse (such as from nail-biting or tooth grinding).

Teeth can be filled with gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, or glass materials called composite resin fillings. The location and extent of the decay, cost of filling material, insurance coverage, and your dentist’s recommendation help determine the type of filling that will best address your needs.

CROWNS - A crown, sometimes referred to as a cap, covers a tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size, strengthening and improving its appearance. A crown may be recommended to cover and support a tooth with a large filling. It can be used to attach a bridge, protect a weak tooth from breaking, or restore one that is already broken.

Show off your smile

ClearCorrect clear aligners straighten teeth invisibly, without metal braces.

Invisible • Clear aligners show off your smile, so most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.

Removable • It’s easy to remove aligners and eat whatever you like. There are no wires to trap food or get in the way when you floss.

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